E-ISSN: 2587-0351 | ISSN: 1300-2694
Van Medical Journal - Van Med J: 14 (3)
Volume: 14  Issue: 3 - 2007
1.The Prevalance and Causes of the Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Patients Treated at an Outpatient Chemotherapy Unit
Gamze Uğurluer, Aktan Karahan, Tamer Edirne, Hüseyin Avni Şahin
Pages 68 - 73

2.Clinical Approach in Malign Pleural Effusion: Analysis of 49 Patients
Ufuk Çobanoğlu
Pages 74 - 79

3.Asymmetry of the Mental Foramen
Necat Koyun
Pages 80 - 82

4.Management in an Endocarditis Case with Aort and Mitral Valve Involvement due to Enterococcus Faecalis
Cengiz Özbek, Ufuk Yetkin, Nagihan Karahan, Tevfik Güneş, Ali Gürbüz
Pages 83 - 86

5.High Ferritin Levels in Cases of Brucellosis: 3 Case Reports
Servet Efe, Mustafa Kasım Karahocagil, İmdat Dilek, Hayrettin Akdeniz
Pages 87 - 89

6.The Clinical Importance of Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia Strains
Dilek Dülger, Mustafa Berktaş
Pages 90 - 95

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