E-ISSN: 2587-0351 | ISSN: 1300-2694



The Van Medical Journal has achieved recognition and visibility through indexing in various reputable databases and platforms. It is currently indexed in the following databases and services:

Tübitak/Ulakbim-TRDİZİN: This is an important Turkish database that indexes and provides access to academic and scientific publications.

EBSCO: EBSCO is a well-known global provider of research databases, e-journals, and other research content.

J-Gate: J-Gate is an electronic gateway to global e-journal literature, making scholarly content more accessible.

CABI: (Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International): CABI is an organization specializing in the life sciences, including agriculture and health, and its databases cover a wide range of scientific disciplines.

By being indexed in these databases and services, the Van Medical Journal ensures that its content is widely accessible and discoverable by researchers, scholars, and readers both in Turkey and around the world. This indexing enhances the journal's reputation and its contribution to the dissemination of medical research.

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